Connecting to the wireless networks at Catz.

The wireless LAN cells at Catz are part of the broader Oxford Wireless LAN (OWL)

In order to connect you will require the following:

  • a wireless enabled device such as a Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet
  • a valid (active) University Remote Access account
  • a Cisco VPN client installed and configured (if you wish to make use of VPN over OWL (unless you are a registered College visitor in which case you can make use of the OWL service)
  • a RADIUS supplicant that can be configured to use eduroam.

You can register for an OUCS Remote Access account, and download the Cisco VPN client and following the links.

Follow the following links for guidance on how to connect to OWL or Eduroam

That the link between your computer and the wireless access point is not encrypted with a WEP or WPA key should not lead you to believe that any information that you send is necessarily visible to other users. The mandatory use of VPN software ensures that the data-stream itself is encrypted between your computer and the OUCS VPN server.

Wireless cells at Catz support the following wireless transmission standards:

  • 802.11a (54 Mb/s, 5 GHz)
  • 802.11n (200Mb/s, 2.4GHz)

In addition to the standard Regulations Relating to the use of Information Facilities which are applicable to all network connections whether wired or wireless, there are additional regulations specifically relating to wireless networking.

The use of a computer connected to either the wired or wireless networks in Catz is deemed to signal acceptance to be bound by the usage Regulations linked to above.